When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Ice Cream

March 11, 2017

Just when we thought we were out of the woods for winter, a snow storm hits. There is a robin outside giving me some major side eye like this is all my fault. I know Mr. Robin, I agree with you that this needs to stop. Let’s escape this winter talk and delve into a new ice cream flavor.


In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you right off the bat that this was not my idea. The name was my mom’s idea and the flavor idea followed shortly afterward by my dad. And I was skeptical. An Irish potato candy flavored ice cream? It seemed a little far-fetched. Jalapeno cornbread? Totally logical for an ice cream, but Irish potato? That was just too far.

But as my parents have insisted for years and years, they are always somehow right. So I gave it a wholehearted try, and I was not disappointed.

This ice cream was made mid-spring break. After I had recovered from my large sleep deficit I had from Colorado, I had all the time in the world. How was my trip to Colorado you ask? Oh you know, just spectacular. There is something almost magically captivating about the Rocky mountains. I just stared out the window in amazement for so long my cousin’s friends asked me if I was okay. Colorado is a place where I feel adventurous and free, in a different way than anywhere else I’ve ever been.


Irish potato candy, as many of you probably know, is a specialty that only pops up around St. Patrick’s Day. Like a Shamrock Shake but better. I remember having them all throughout grade school as part of our annual celebration that usually involved me Irish Dancing in front of some sort of audience.

They are essentially cream cheese and coconut truffles rolled in cinnamon to resemble a potato. And they are addictive. Almost as much as the Oreos I talked so much about last week. In my recipe research, I not only found that this kind of ice cream recipe does not exist, but also that a good cream cheese ice cream recipe doesn’t either. So it was up to me, a bored girl wishing to return to Colorado, to formulate my own.

It’s not as hard as you would think. Once you know the basic custard-making process, it is just a matter of adjusting and adding your specific flavor ingredients at the right time.

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure:

This section is going to be a little different this time. I featured the making of this flavor on my Snapchat. Snapchat friends, welcome to my blog! So instead of retelling the same story over and over again (like my mom loves to do), I will just post my story here for your viewing pleasure.


First of all, I have to say the flavor accuracy of this ice cream is 100%. No ifs ands or buts. It is an Irish potato in scoop form. It might be the most flavor accurate ice cream I have ever made. I think there are like 30+ of them too.

There is a distinct cream cheese flavor, without it being too tart or sour. I added a hint of cinnamon. Like a baby’s breath amount, because it is such a powerful flavor it could overtake the whole pint. And then the coconut was added at the end. All of those things swirled together created this masterpiece of a flavor. And in my humble opinion, it may be even better than an Irish potato. Why? Well because it doesn’t have that outer coating of cinnamon which dries out your throat like you are doing an amateur cinnamon challenge.

This flavor is most definitely scoopable. Scoop this out into a spare Irish teacup that I know you have a million of and enjoy. Oh that’s just my family who has an obsession with Irish pottery? Strange.


I thought this is a good spot to share some of my favorite Colorado pictures with you all. I didn’t take any pictures of me and my cousin, because there was just not enough time. Between driving, watching basketball games and playing video games, we barely had a spare moment!


Okay back to the ice cream. I recommend this flavor for anyone who loves St. Patrick’s Day and celebrating being Irish. As you know by my almost unpronounceable name, I am very Irish. I began Irish Dancing at the age of 3 and you can still catch my tapping out some steps on the kitchen floor while I wait for some water to boil. My Mommom is an Irish immigrant and it is my dream to one day go back to the ‘home country’ with her. I hear its pretty awesome. St. Patrick’s Day for my family involves sending Mass cards to all relatives and loads of Cadbury chocolate. Irish sweaters are worn by all, no matter how itchy it may be. I really love being Irish and I hope this ice cream shows that well.

Fun fact time! To prevent strange people from talking and hitting on me in the airport, I bought myself a fake engagement ring to wear. It is the smartest purchase I’ve ever made. It was scary how quickly I got used to seeing a ring on my left hand. But I must’ve carried the confidence of a soon-to-be married woman because I got asked when the big day was. I responded very coolly and said that we hadn’t decided yet. We are both still young and are okay with a longer engagement. It was kinda fun!

So this weekend I will be heading back to school. How did this break fly by so fast when I was looking forward to it for so long? Only a few more weeks until Easter though right? I’ll be back soon with another creative flavor.  Until then, be sure to subscribe and scoop ya later!

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