Twizzler Tight

June 18, 2017

Happy Father’s Day! I would especially like to highlight my own dad. And how perfect is it that this week I happened to make his favorite candy into an ice cream? Coincidence is a great thing! But he is actually the best kind of person. The type of person who you call on Father’s Day, complain about things and then hang up, but who loved it anyway because you called. He is a spectacular person, and if I could choose my dad, I’d choose him again. Let’s get into the ice cream though.


Twizzlers. That perfect rope-like treat that tries to be known for other flavors, but in the end, you will always find yourself reaching for the strawberry. It is a classic in our house. For just about each celebration for my dad (birthday and such), he will be getting a package of Twizzlers. And for our classic road trip out here to good ole Wisconsin, I got him a package for us to snack on between songs (we sang a lot). So I had some left over and they were getting a little stale. What better way to make the most of what I have then repurposing some Twizzlers into an ice cream? Sounds like a great premise for a TLC show. Repurpose your food, with Alanna. Fridays at 8, before Say Yes to the Dress.


I wasn’t quite sure of how a Twizzler would melt, but I had to try. It was the only way I could think of to infuse the milk and make a Twizzler ice cream. I wasn’t aiming for a chunk type ice cream. No, I wanted a smooth ride, like a Sunday afternoon in a Cadillac. Perfect for a sneaky spoonful or a dishful for a full on treat. The rest would be simple, just treat the Twizzler milk like regular and temper it into the eggs, then form a custard. Easy Peasy. We could do this our sleep, couldn’t we?

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure

So I broke up the Twizzlers into chunks and put them in a saucepan with the milk. I chopped them originally, but they are very very difficult to chop, so I just used my hands.

It took them a very long time to melt, and eventually they stopped melting altogether. I strained them out and threw away the remainder. My boss later told me because they have some starch in them and won’t fully disintegrate (its pretty awesome to have a food scientist to tell you these things). The milk turned into a lovely red color and smelled just like a Twizzler. No mistaking what this flavor would be!

After a temper and a custard-making, this flavor was set to chill. I bet my dad would have started to drink it like it was here. It would put strawberry syrup out of business. Kids everywhere would be drinking their milk every night if it tasted like a Twizzler.

One churn later and it was pinted and frozen. But as always, I take a little taste test before it went in. It was just pure, unadulterated Twizzler, but spoonable.


There really isn’t too much to discuss here. If you’ve ever eaten this candy in your life, you will know this ice cream instantaneously. The texture is slightly crumbly, which proves to you all that I am still struggling with the perfect temperature of custard making. If I wait too long, it would’ve become Twizzlers scrambled eggs, but if I took it off early, it would turn crumbly. This is a little disheartening, but I have many years before I will have to perfect my method and recipes for my ice cream shop.

Right now, I just want to make delicious ice cream and funky flavors. The mastering of technique comes with time. I’ve only done this for a year you know, I’ve got loads of ice cream lifetime left.


Dad, I wish I could send this home for you to snack on. It would be a perfect accompaniment to your other favorite ice cream, Vanilla Bean. Even though you sometimes dress like a graham cracker and tell Dad jokes on cue, I am glad I am your little girl and favorite daughter. I am even more glad that you and my little Beaker are having a fun summer.

Remember my hamster y’all? He’s having the summer of his life in his triple story summer home, and feasting on sunflower seeds at all hours. He has tricked my dad into becoming his personal butler, but my dad thinks they are just bonding.

Weekly job update: still falling in love with food science and working in the lab. I have bought a kitchen scale for myself and will now be measuring all ingredients out by weight in grams for more precision. I love every thing about my life at the office and everyone who has opened their hearts to me. My first month’s experience in Wisconsin is best explained as a warmth. A kind warm smile; that is how Wisconsin has been for me. My roommates have just been the most spectacular people, and as a special request, a picture of Winston will be featured each week (starting next week).

I am already excited for next week’s flavor, so please mark your calendars!

Twizzler Tight will be in my scoop shop, date and location TBD. Until next week, happy fathers day and scoop ya later!

  1. This is just so sweet (pun intended). You just made one serious mistake here- I am the favorite daughter.

  2. Great idea for a flavor Alanna! I never would have thought of it and would definitely try it after seeing all of your gorgeous photos! Nice work!

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