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April 29, 2017

Welcome back to another installment of my flavor diaries! Before you start thinking, ugh another post from that crazy ice cream girl, let me just say: this pint is already finished within two days of its making. So….this flavor is good. Read on to learn about the pretzel ice cream that will have you reaching for your spoons.


Pretzels are the perfect snacking food. Crunchy and easy to grab a bunch of and superbly tasty. What could be better than the world’s best snacking food made into the world’s best food ever (aka ice cream)?  So a pretzel ice cream was born.

This was hopefully my last “hell” week of this school year. Three exams and my final lab report later, I am almost sliding back to home plate. Just a singular week of classes left, two finals and then I am home. And by home, I mean frantic packing up my tiny sedan to go to  Wisconsin.

The weather has been just like April should be in Pennsylvania. Temperamental! Rainy most days and sometimes I forget what the sun feels like. But other mornings I wake up and there is a crystal blue sky with gorgeous contrails running across it.

Call me strange, but when I see a plane, I often think of the passengers and where they are headed. Likewise, when I am on a plane, I am always looking down and wondering what I am flying over. Oh boy, I am getting wanderlust. I am itching to fly.

I got the idea of this flavor during the college student’s holiday of 4/20. But don’t start thinking I celebrated. What accompanies this hazy holiday? The munchies of course! This ice cream was made with munchies in mind; pretzel ice cream with m&m and chocolate chips mixed in.


What could be the best way to make an ice cream base taste like a pretzel? Infuse the milk with them! To maximize the pretzel flavor in this ice cream, I needed the pretzel with the most surface area per pretzel. So I chose the smallest possible pretzel I could. Turns out this is a hot new market, mini pretzels. I chose the ‘itty bitty mini pretzel’. And they are seriously small! See?

I would infuse the ice cream with it, but unlike almost all of my other ice creams, it would be Philadelphia style. This is an ice cream that is not custard based. It is just creams, milk and sugar. I chose this because the pretzel flavor would be slightly delicate and any eggs would overpower it. Throw in some m&m (the pilot’s candy) and chocolate chips and we would be golden.

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure

Recipes were too varied to be followed. So I followed my own idea. I heated the milk up and let the pretzels steep in for a while.

I let them steep for about an hour, before adding the remainder of the milk and cream.

They steeped for a total of two hours before the icky part came. I had to extract as much liquid as I could from the soft, squishy pretzels. Not super great fun. And…that was it! I let it chill for a bit before churning it.

When I added the m&’s though, the colors ran in the ice cream! I don’t mind it too much, but it made my ice cream look a little messy. I like to keep m final product as clean and neat as possible.


Oh my goodness gracious. Hold onto your socks and hats when you try this flavor, because it might just blow them off! I absolutely think this is a home-run of a flavor. The pretzel flavor really comes across and tastes genuine. The m&m’s add a wonderful crunch, but not a ton of flavor. And the mini chocolate chips bring a little chocolate flavor to the table.

Maybe it is just me, but I think that this combination of flavors in this ice cream may just be one of my top flavors. I predict that in my scoop shop, this will become a daily staple by popular demand. Yeah it’s that good.


Speaking of my scoop shop, it has become a new goal for me. Thinking of my career path as a map, I am putting a little red pushpin on a scoop shop of my very own. When I think of it, I see myself running around like a madwoman in a lab coat, being crazy exhausted, but incredibly happy. But I thought I had my entire life planned out in freshman year of college and so far none of that has gone according to plan, so who knows. I can tell you this though, my vision of my career is clear and I am headed right towards it.

My current status is very stressed. Tears are not far behind my eyes, and sleep is become a privilege, not a right. The hardest year of engineering school is nearly over. Do I love my major more than ever? No, quite the opposite, but I think about food science more than ever. Mostly when I am wondering if this seemingly meaningless equation is worth it.

Wish me prayers and strength. I will be back soon with a new flavor next week! Scoop ya later!


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