The Nuttiest Redeye

June 10, 2016

The best part of waking up….

Come on, you know the rest!

COFFEE! I don’t want to say I’m addicted, but if I don’t have my daily mug-ful, stay far away from me. At least arm’s length at all times. 

This week my flavor was inspired by that black liquid magic.

I thought of this flavor when I was particularly feeling the stress of a final project in an engineering class. Instead of designing a water distribution system for a rural country, I brainstormed about a new flavor to revolutionize my little corner of the ice cream empire.

This flavor was originally planned to have a mild and sweet coffee taste. It didn’t quite turn out like that. But guess what? The world didn’t end and I like it better how it ended up!

Sweet really did not really find its way into this flavor’s vocabulary. More of a bitter-ish taste. Before you say to yourself ” is she out of her mind ?” stay reading.

The mix-ins consisted of chocolate covered espresso beans, chocolate covered cashews and chocolate covered almonds.

For some assistance and to avoid fishing nuts out of a bowl of chocolate, I enlisted my sister! She did a wonderful job covering the almonds and cashews with a lovely waterfall of milk chocolate.

01-the nuttiest redeye 960
My sister making the magic happen

I am proud to announce to you that I made a custard for this flavor.

All. By. Myself.

Woah, right?!

Well, I was pretty excited about it and that’s all that matters.

04-the nuttiest redeye 990
Solo success custard!

The strainer wasn’t quite as fine it should have been, so some of the grounds ended up in the cream.

Once it was chilled through and through, it went into the machine. A few minutes (well maybe like 42 seconds) before it was done, I poured in all the chocolate covered amazing-ness.

05-the nuttiest redeye 1012
Mere moments before binding up

Then the machine bound from the strain and I plopped it into the pint.

19-the nuttiest redeye 1022
Overflowing pint of goodness

I love everything about this flavor, with one caveat.

The amount of mix-ins in this flavor makes it really hard to scoop. Like nearly impossible.

09-the nuttiest redeye 1051
Brewed to perfection 

Perfect for guilty and sneaky spoonfuls.

Not so much when you want perfect scoopfuls, for say, pictures of said ice cream for a blog.

But I finally got it done! Phew!

11-the nuttiest redeye 1059

I can honestly say that the slight bitterness of the coffee flavor is the most delicious part. The store-bought coffee flavored ice creams tend too taste like my mom’s coffee (which has a ratio of 1 coffee: 2 sugar: 3 cream).

This flavor is more like how I like my coffee.

And the chocolate-covered everything adds the perfect amount of sweetness.

Almonds (my favorite) add a great crunch. Cashews make a rich buttery creaminess. As for those espresso beans, oh my are they delicious!

13-the nuttiest redeye 1081
Surrounded by nummy yumminess


So, what do you all think of this ice cream?

Time for an Alanna fun fact! On my day off this week, I did a bit of decorating. If you’ve ever seen my bedroom, you would know it is covered wall to wall in decorations. And it is always a work in progress.

Most recently, I put up some blackout curtains in my room. Well who wants boring tan curtains hanging in their room? Not me! I stenciled those lame curtains into cuteness!

New and improved curtains. Can you tell who my favorite singer is??

Long story short, I love to do crafts when I’m not ice creaming. There is a a new quilt in the works too!

Happy weekend everyone! Get outside and enjoy some sunshine! I know I will be!

16-the nuttiest redeye 1105
One last look. Just in case you forgot what it looked like

Until next week everyone, scoop ya later!


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