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February 13, 2018


Welcome back to my site friends! Today’s flavor is inspired and was suggested by none other than my sister, Tara. For once, I even let her help. For those of you who don’t know Tara, allow me to introduce her.

Tara, or Tara Betty as I like to call her, is my older sister. Please, do not confuse me for the older one! She is a pharmacist and cat mom of two. She is the perfectionist of our family and is a wonderful baker. She’s easily woken up by the sound of her phone ringing, which is great when I want to chat early in the morning. I often call her my second mom, because that’s pretty much the role she’s adopted. She’s a good human aunt (I’m better), great dog aunt and all around good gal.

Okay, enough with the squishyness, lets talk ice cream. Tb’s PB is a rich and dense chocolate peanut butter ice cream with roasted peanut chunks thrown in for good measure.


As I have mentioned before, peanut butter has lots of fat molecules in it, which help to keep the emulsion of the ice cream in place. Adding eggs on top of the peanut butter would make an overly rich and goopy ice cream. We kept the idea simple, with a Philadelphia-style milk chocolate base. Chocolate is hard to work with, but with a lot of shear mixing, it incorporates into the milk/cream very well. Most chocolate ice creams do not depend on cocoa powder or chocolate chips alone; a combination of the two gives the creamiest chocolate flavor. A normal peanut butter ice cream can be made without heat and in a blender. With the inclusion of the chocolate ingredients, it would be added at the end of the heating process and the residual heat would melt the peanut butter into the base.

To add a custard-like consistency without eggs, a cornstarch slurry will be used. Some famous ice cream makers find this approach to be a great substitute, and while the chemical composition and function is not identical, I have to agree.

Both chocolate and peanut butter are pretty dominant flavors, so this flavor plans to pack a punch. There’s nothing subtle about this ice cream…and Tara come to think about it.

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure

Tara was more than ready to help me out with this flavor. She did almost all the work actually, but she enjoyed it (I think). First we heated up the milk and cream, reserving some milk to make a cornstarch slurry. We added the cocoa powder and let it come to a simmer before removing it from heat, whisking the slurry in, and returning it to the stove to thicken. Once it did, we plopped in the chocolate chips and then the peanut butter.

Quick side note: Tara and I are both chunky peanut butter fans. We wanted to use all chunky in this flavor, but we only had a bit left in our pantry. We compromised and used a mix of creamy and super chunk.

While it cooled, we watched a little program called the SuperBowl. We sat around the television with my family, including my niece and Fiona. My dog would not budge off her spot on the couch even for the Game of the year.

We churned it while we watched and ate bowlfuls right out of the machine. I think Tara was a fan!


Yes. She made no mistake in telling me how much she loved it. It was rich and the most I could eat was a small dishful. It is extremely smooth and creamy, which I think is the main selling point of this ice cream, besides the flavor. This ice cream stays very soft, which may have something to do with the higher fat content. It is perfect on a waffle, which I ate for breakfast this past weekend. I like to indulge sometimes! I hope Tara really loves this ice cream and eats it fast, or I will!


So, tomorrow is the day of love, where all of the big declarations will be made and roses will be bought in bulk. To be honest, I’ve never really cared for this holiday. I think that love should be shown and expressed all year-long. As John Mayer puts it best “Love ain’t a thing, Love is a verb.” To me, love isn’t writing it down on a card or shooting a text; it’s going out of your way to show how much someone means to you. I can think of many instances where I show my love, so I’ll share a few here.

My best friend loves Chic-fil-A, so at least once a week, I’ll drive him there so he can get it. Even though I don’t want to spend money on food, its fun to go for a car ride with him.

I spent a majority of my time off this summer hand-sewing a quilt for my niece. She wasn’t even born yet, but I knew she would become a huge light to our family.

My sister is a big chunk of my heart. She’s the one I can always be real with. This weekend, I came down to her house with my parents to help her do some house-keeping. I would’ve rather spent my time doing things for myself, or relaxing, but she asked that I come. So we hung pictures and they are all most definitely crooked. But it doesn’t matter, because we had fun.

I love my sissy. Although she threatened to put me in a trash can when I was born, and I took her door handle off when she locked me out, we are best buds. There’s really no boundary we don’t cross and I wouldn’t want anybody else to laugh through life with.

Thanks for being my friend Tara Betty. I love you, even if you make fun of my killer dance moves.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Spend it doing something you love! Scoop ya later!

  1. Tara Betty here! I loved everything about this ice cream- the making of it, the taste and texture of it, and the company that surrounds it. Thank you for including me.

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