Sweet Dirt Ice Cream

March 3, 2017

Well I lived. I made it through the hell week and I have lived to tell the tale. I survived, but I did not thrive. But it is now officially spring break and that is all I need to concentrate on. That and this new flavor. Let’s get right into it.


Who can seriously resist an Oreo? They are like the potato chips of the cookie world. You never can have just one.

Growing up, it was a tradition that I could choose my birthday dinner and my birthday cake. And for some reason, I would always switch between cheesecake and dirt cake. Dirt cake is much better than it sounds. It’s a trifle dessert that has layers of crushed Oreos and heavenly cream layers. It is the type of food that I like to eat until I feel sick. And I do so as frequently as I can.

So what better kind of flavor than an Oreo flavor? Not cookies and cream ice cream. All the recipes I could find consisted of a vanilla ice cream with some crushed Oreos mixed in. No this would just not do. So I decided to wing it, go with my gut and make my very own recipe for this.


I debated for a few days what to choose for the layer of this flavor. I was between a cheesecake flavored ice cream or the actual cream layer in the famous dirt cake. In the end, I chose to settle it with my official ice cream consulting group. Aka my mom and sister. We agreed the dirt cream was the way to go for an authentic dirt cake ice cream experience.

You know the ultimate way to eat Oreos is with milk right? Until it gets just the perfect amount of crunchy and soggy. Well what if you just left those Oreos sitting in the milk to disintegrate and form the best possible version of ‘cereal milk’? I just think this is the best possible idea for an Oreo ice cream. That way the flavor is really infused into the ice cream, rather than just mixed in at the end.

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure

First things first, this ice cream is much richer than some other flavors. Instead of heavy cream and milk, I went with heavy cream and half-and-half for maximum richness.

This got heated and then the Oreos went for a little swim. And then they stayed there until they disintegrate into a dark and dreamy mixture.

Next I tempered the eggs in. I wanted to point out the really rich yellow color of the egg yolks. That is a real color folks. No color editing in this one.

Then this liquid Oreo goodness got tempered into the eggs. And the custard process went much better this time than last week’s. I had much more patience and waited until it actually formed a custard this time. My New Year’s Resolution to have more patience might actually be working out!

While the base chilled, I concocted the cream mixture. Which involves just about every great ingredient you could want in a mixture. I’m talking butter, cream cheese and Cool Whip! Yes Cool Whip consists of just oils and hasn’t even seen a cow, but it is amazingly delicious. And once that got all together and beautifully formed a cream to die for, I chilled that too.

And while everything chilled, it was homework and lab report writing for me. All sorts of fun!

A quick churn and then some more Oreos were added in the last second.

Very important and oft-overlooked step of adding mix-ins is to sift. Sifting gets rid of all those pesky little crumbs that if added to the ice cream, would make it gritty and unpleasant. Here are all of those little Oreo crumblets that saved this flavor from the brink of disaster:

The plan was to layer the ice cream with the dirt cake cream in the pints. I obviously wasn’t thinking because at first I just poured it into the pints and put it in the freezer without taking a picture. Then I came back, took a picture and put it back in the freezer.

About 30 minutes later, it dawned on me that I didn’t layer it. So back into the kitchen I went, put the ice cream in a bowl, and layered. Finally, this flavor was finished!


Every single day can be my birthday with this flavor. It takes me right back to the shore, where everyone is singing happy birthday to me and I’m smiling away, with my nose sunburnt to a crisp. It is fabulously rich and tastes just like dirt cake, but better.

The Oreo ice cream stays slightly soft and perfect for scooping. The cream layer freezes beautifully, for the best possible combination of a spoonful ever. This is most definitely a scoopable flavor. You are going to want bowlfuls of this. It is not often that I will plan my recipe and flavor so early in the week, but this flavor was all set and ready to be made by Monday afternoon. And for the rest of the week, I had to it to look forward to. I knew it would be a winner. And I do believe it is!


This flavor blows any old cookies and cream ice cream right out of the water. This is deep down in the Oreo flavor forest, not just along the treeline. For any Oreo lover out there (and let’s face it, everyone loves Oreos), this is a must-try flavor. One day, when I can start sending ice cream across the country to my fans, this flavor might be the first to ship. I really love it and I hope everyone will too.

My fun fact is actually very current, it’s happening right now! When this post is published, I will be in the air. I am going to visit one of my best friends in the whole world, who also just happens to be my cousin. We are the same age, and we only get to see each other about once a year. Since I am not going to be home this summer, I decided to make it my priority to see him before I shipped out for Wisconsin. I love to fly and I hope I don’t get too lost in the airport again. Wish me luck!

Well everyone, I am going to enjoy my spring break. A brief moment of bliss in this tough semester.

I’ll be back soon to tell another tale of a new flavor. Until then, scoop ya later! Don’t forget to subscribe!

  1. I can’t wait to try this one! Dirt cake is one that always hurts my stomach whether it is just one bite or the whole cake- so might as well make it worth it and eat it all!

  2. Sounds yummy!! Who does not like cookies and ice cream? Thanks for another great flavor Alanna. Hope you have a great Spring Break!

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