Shirley Temple Ice Cream- Cherry Chocolate

March 25, 2017

Let me start this flavor’s story by saying, I have eaten about half a pint by the time of writing. By the time it is published, I can almost guarantee it will be completely gone. Curious about what kind of flavor is so addicting? Keep reading (hint, its cherry chocolate)!


Two simple words: Cherry. Chocolate. A classic combination as old as time. A personal favorite of my mom and I, who always had a special place for Blue Bunny’s Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate in our hearts. It is time that I tackled this spoonful of perfection and gave my best attempt at it. And I think I hit bullseye on this flavor. And in the interest of full disclosure, this flavor name the second suggestion by a blog fan. The first suggestion? Chocolate Mountain Volcano. I didn’t find that one to make much sense. But Shirley Temple is the favorite drink of under 21’s like me. Sweet and colorful, just like me!

I’m entering what I like to call the ‘hell cavern’. Picture junior year of chemical engineering as a long underground tunnel. Then you come to a big open space, and you can begin to see a tiny speck of life if you just keep going. Well I’m sprinting towards that light speck, but I’ve got a ton of cavern left to go. It is about to get a lot worse before I get out of that tunnel. Buckle in folks and please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. Thanks for riding the Alanna’s life game.


I had a few different ideas for this ice cream. Maybe a chocolate base with cherry chunks? Cherry base with chocolate pieces? I decided to go with the cherry base, but don’t give up on the chocolate! It’s still on table for future pints.

Maraschino cherries are delicious, but I wasn’t interested in having a whole flavor based on it. It is pretty sweet for a base, and that is coming from the girl who loves sweets so much she had 9 cavities this summer. A darker cherry that was naturally sweet was the way to go. I couldn’t buy fresh picked cherries because, although it is technically spring, there is still snow on the ground.

The chocolate I chose to include in my flavor was a dark chocolate. I chose my favorite cocoa percentage, 60%. This I have decided, is what the roads in Heaven will be paved with. It’s just the right bitterness without making your mouth dry. And tempering the chocolate is necessary to keep the smoothness and dreaminess captured when it’s in the freezer.

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure

First, I would like to say I am nearly graduated from following a recipe. If I can’t find a recipe I would like to loosely follow, I’ll just do my own thing. It’s the same basic process, I just add my own pizzazz to it.

First, I heated up some milk and decided to steep some cherries to the milk for a while. It looked just like a beautiful black cherry colored milk. Then I reheated it and in the last second of it heating, it looked like it started to curdle. I was slightly devastated. I had worked so hard, just to have this happen! But, when there has been curdling before because of sneaky acidity, it came back together. Note to self, invest in a pH reader for my future ice cream lab. pH surprisingly is playing a big factor in my ice cream making.

Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple

Then I tempered in the eggs and added the cream. And my luxurious black cherry color became a more blah reddish-brown color. But it isn’t always about the color that taste is based on. Next up, was adding the cherries as well as the almond and vanilla extracts. Almond extract is usually found in cherry ice creams because cherry pits have an almond taste. Not that I am condoning eating cherry pits, but they do.

Shirley Temple

I tempered the chocolate and I felt like that chocolatier in that one TV commercial. It smoothed out perfectly and in a thin layer. And for once, the freezer in my apartment worked efficiently and the chocolate was able to be broken up into tiny bite-sized morsels.

Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple

While I wrote up some quick sample calculations for a lab report, it churned away. And before it went into the freezer overnight, I gave it a quick taste. Quickly said, yummy.

Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple


When I took a little spoonful first thing in the morning (like a kid on Christmas), I got nervous. I could only taste vanilla. Did I accidentally add too much? Was it actually tasting this strong or was I imagining it? I took random sample tests throughout the day to test this hypothesis. The more I had, the more I became sure it was cherry and a slight almond flavor I was tasting. And the happier I became.

Shirley Temple

The chocolate is small and crunchy with loads of flavor. The cherries are plentiful and easy to spot and scoop out if you are sneaking some ice cream late at night. On the whole, there are many excellent things about this flavor. Just like with last week’s flavor, this is definitely going to be featured in my ice cream shop one day. Shirley Temple is a smooth and addictive flavor meant for any cherry chocolate lover, or even a skeptic.

Shirley Temple


Let’s put aside the deliciousness that is Shirley Temple and discuss other matters. Most importantly the birthday of my blog. Scoop² turned one! Can you believe it has been one whole year of ice cream fun?! I remember how scared I was to start my blog, and to put my little mark out there on the Internet. It was totally out of my comfort zone. The blog has been through some big changes (the move to and some little changes, like my post format. I am eternally grateful to all of you for supporting me on my journey so far. There have been some really crazy flavors on here and some miserable failures, but you kept coming back week after week. I cannot wait to see what the years to come have for my blog, and my ice cream career.

Shirley Temple

As usual, please subscribe to keep up with new flavors and shoot me a comment if you’ve got a stellar idea. I love each and every one of you. Scoop ya later!

Sending you my love from 746.7 miles away.

  1. Wow! Nothing is better than cherries and chocolate. I so wished that I could have tasted this delicious ice cream that you made! the photos are terrific and you do a great job documenting the process and results 🙂

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