August 5, 2017

Well, by the time you are reading this fans, I will be on my way home to Pennsylvania. I am a “graduate” of my internship. I passed! Somehow no one realized I was a goofy ice cream lover who didn’t have the slightest idea of how food science worked. Let’s chat about ice cream. Well actually, not ice cream but sorbet. This flavor contains no dairy. Gasp! No dairy?! But I was in the Dairyland of America all summer! Just wait and see. Even the most dedicated dairy lover (me) was obsessed with this flavor.


This flavor has a little bit of a backstory, so journey with me. Let’s go back to a hot mid-July day where I found a homemade popsicle stand, known as Fox Pops. I was overheating, and the sight of a frozen fruit pop was just what I needed to be quenched. After much flavor deliberation, I chose “Yas Queen”, a raspberry mint popsicle. One bite and I was hooked. It was quite possibly the most refreshing thing I had ever eaten. Instantaneously I knew I had to make a creation of this on my own. I needed to have this in my freezer at all times!


 A raspberry mint ice cream would dilute the zing of the mint and raspberry too much. In this case, simpler would be better. I could create simple syrup with some mint, add the raspberries and churn. Easy peasy!

I planned this to be a sweet flavor, unlike Chocolate Razzmatazz. So there would be plenty of sugar to balance out the tartness of the raspberries. Now the question remained, could I find a place to go pick my raspberries?

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure

The answer is no. The constant rain ruined the short-lived raspberry crop this year in my neck of the woods. I had no choice but to get…store-bought. I guess this wasn’t the end of the world, but I was really looking forward to a nice day in the fields, making some cow friends.

I gave some long thought to the mint I would put in. As you may recall, the other time I worked with mint it turned out in a toss down the sink. I was pretty hesitant that it would happen again. I was going to go to this nice garden center I would pass often on my bike rides, but it was never ever open as I pedaled by. So again, I had to improvise, and bought a little mint plant at the grocery store. Oh how I will miss my Pick and Save. I stuck the plant out on the terrace and let it absorb all the sun it could.

The day I got my raspberries, I went outside excitedly to pick some fresh mint. How posh I felt, picking my herbs off my terrace. Only when I peeked out there at it, it was wilted. Like crunchy leaves wilted. I had no choice but to pick the best of the leaves that remained 25% alive and muddle them into the simple syrup.

Next I pureed the raspberries up and strained out half the seeds, so it would still have a crunch but the statistics of getting one stuck in your teeth was much less. Once the syrup had steeped for long enough, I strained out the mint shrivels and much to my surprise, it smelled wonderful! Like a clean and clear mint, nothing like the other mint attempt. And with wilted leaves too! Who could have guessed? I combined the raspberries and the mint syrup and it was ready to churn up. It was a beautiful raspberry red, but the smell had that minty note.

I had run out of pints so I “pinted” it into a plastic container. Then I covered it to the surface with parchment paper, to prevent any ice layer from forming. A few hours later I snuck a taste before it was fully frozen.


It was so refreshing! It was cool and crisp with a sweetness and a mint zing. The texture was amazing and smooth. Even when it was fully frozen, it did not harden like normal ice creams or custards do. The sugar helped to keep it scoopable at all times.

This is absolutely a pintable flavor. Just one taste and I knew I could eat the entire batch in one sitting. But I stopped myself because I did not want to ruin future Alanna from refreshing moments.

There is not too much to discuss here, except the “udder” perfection of this flavor (see the little Wisconsin thing I did there?). This will be a seasonal or year-round flavor and hopefully favorite in my scoop shop. Some of the folks at work thought it was a little out there and potentially too sweet, but it fit my taste buds just right.


Let’s take a second to ponder on the great name of this flavor: Raspfreshy. I mean, come on, how crafty! It’s like a raspberry, but refreshing, Raspfreshy!

Now I am a former intern at Galloway Company, which breaks my heart. I truly loved working there and pouring all of my nerdiness into my projects and  I hope I can work at places like Galloway the rest of my life. I want to run my scoop shop emulating Galloway’s principles and values. It was a place where I grew. I even grew into the type of person that doesn’t mind presenting and standing in front of a room. When and how did that happen?  Either way, Wisconsin and especially Galloway changed me. I adulted so much this summer I cannot even believe it. Now I am the type of lady who always carries a snack in her purse and prefers to wear sensible shoes. I love you Galloway, thanks for loving me back.

A tinge of sad news: There will not be a flavor next weekend, because I will be camping in upstate New York. Don’t worry my swim cap and goggles are already packed for some long-distance, open-water swimming practice. I wish sometimes that there was a way to connect underwater earbuds to my phone via Bluetooth so I could listen to music as I swim just like runners do. Any engineers care to invent this for me?

I’ll be back the following week to bring you another new flavor to make a party in your tastebuds.  Until then, scoop ya later!

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