Pie of My Eye II

January 30, 2018


Welcome one and all! Is it summer yet? Just checked outside and it is still cold. Darn. Today’s flavor is a repeat, so you are not having deja vu. Last time I made this flavor, it did not turn out as planned. But today I am back to defeat this flavor once and for all. Pie of My Eye II is a key lime pie ice cream but this time it was made more like a cake, with a graham cracker crust and is cut into slices instead of scooped.

School is school, but life is great. My main objective for this semester is to be consistently happy and to see more goodness in everything. Its hard work! Lets chat ice cream, shall we?


So last time I made this flavor, the bowl was not frozen. It churned and churned but stayed liquid mix. I had no choice but to put it into the freezer to freeze quiescently. The graham cracker crust remained only on the surface and the texture was gritty and icy. I knew I had to try this flavor again, because I loved the concept too much to give up. This time, I would make sure the bowl was completely frozen, but I also decided to add a new stabilizer/emulsifier blend. By adding this, it would create a smoother ice cream that is sure to please. The ice crystals would remain relatively small because the blend holds them in place so they can’t grow too huge. I was nervous to use stabilizer again because of the marshmallow incident of 2017, but it was time. Stabilizer could scare me no more.

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure

I must admit that redoing this flavor was not entirely my idea. I had another flavor plan that will appear next week. This was suggested by a good friend of mine who happens to love key lime pie. He actually helped me make it, and gave me the great idea to freeze it in a loaf pan. Thanks friend!

This was not a custard-based flavor. The extra creaminess comes from the sweetened condensed milk. Of all the flavors I have made, this may be the simplest. I simply combined the cream, milk and lime into a bowl and stirred. I wish I could make it sound more complex. First, I mixed the stabilizer/emulsifier into the milk in the first stage under very high whisk agitation. It was added slowly to prevent any clumps or fisheyes in the product.  The next slight hiccup was when I found myself without a grater or microplane to zest the limes. I took a serrated knife and scratched at them until they looked zested. There was no cooling time necessary for this flavor, but I did it anyway while we assembled the crust.

In my previous attempt, I baked a graham cracker crust and crumbled it into the ice cream. This time, my friend suggested keeping the crust in the pan and spreading the freshly churned ice cream on top of it. What a smart idea! It plays right into the dessert theme this flavor is based on. It took us forever to crush the graham crackers because we started by hand. After a while, he took to mashing them with a spoon until we decided a blender was smarter. After it baked for a few minutes into a golden perfection, it was time to get churning!

This ice cream churned like a dream, with no ice crystals visible. It spread evenly over the crust and froze quickly. I knew this was already a winner.


The lime of this flavor wins hands down. Between an extra splash of key lime juice and the fresh zest, it really elevated the flavor intensity to the next level. The crust, which is almost always my favorite part of any cheesecake or pie, comes in second here. I think the addition of stabilizer/emulsifier really helped to make this flavor as creamy and smooth. The extra sweetness from the condensed milk didn’t hurt either.

I actually wanted to see how it would melt, so I took a bit and left it in the sink. After a while I ran some hot water over it and it melted evenly and left no residue. This may seem like a waste of good ice cream, but on my first attempt of Mallow Kat, it did not melt. Rather it stayed in a ball of slime-like grossness until I threw it away. The even melting indicated to me that it was in an good emulsion, aka it was a successful ice cream scientifically. I could already tell it was successful in flavor. My friend concurred with me and let me eat most of the slice we split.

This flavor was the little chunk of paradise I was craving. It may be snowing outside, but its sunny and blue skies with this ice cream close by!


Life is trying, in many aspects. For starters, somebody stole my laundry bag at school and I had to carry my laundry around piled in my arms. The rest seems to follow suit. One thing is for sure, that ice cream makes me happy. Each day has its own little bit of sunshine in it and I have made it my mission to find it. Being patient is hard, but it gives me time to reflect and pray for all I have been given. I am grateful for you, my fans, and for the chances I have worked hard for. I am happy I can share the ice cream making experience with all of you, especially my great friend whose enthusiasm and happiness is infectious. Thanks for being my sous chef.

I would also like to give a special thank you to my bestest friend on four legs. Someone who is happy to see me if I leave for 30 seconds to get a snack. Fiona believes the best in me and is always available for cuddling. Some may call her annoying, but in reality, she is a kindhearted and gentle soul. I’ve had her about 4 months and cannot picture my life without a snoring feet warmer.

Well, let’s hope next week will bring endless sunshine and warm temperatures! I have a delicious flavor in mind. A certain sister of mine should be excited for it (Tara I’m talking to you). Best wishes and scoop ya later!

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