PB & Jazz

April 22, 2017

Howdy! Welcome fellow ice cream lovers and welcome to spring! Today I will be focusing on one of the world’s classic flavor combinations. Finish this sentence: We go together like peanut butter and…..

Did you say raspberry jam? Yay! Keep reading friend!


What goes better when hiking, swimming or just living than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and glass of milk? What if you stuck the sandwich in the glass of milk, froze it and scooped it out? Oh! Looks like you have ice cream. I’ve always loved this classic sandwich, and it wasn’t until recently in my 2 decades that I realized you could add some pizzazz by switching the grape jelly for something else. And since raspberry is one of my favorite fruits, it is the ideal jelly replacement. I hope your mouth is watering as much as mine, so I’m just gonna have to jump right into this description.


As I talked about previously, peanut butter ice cream is a different type of ice cream. Since it is a protein heavy substance, eggs as a protein or stabilizer is not needed. If I was to add eggs and make this a custard-based ice cream, it would be doubly thick and not scoopable. I also wanted to add jam to this flavor. I remember when I first began studying ice cream, I came across how to swirl jam into an ice cream. And I have not forgotten it.

But I wanted more than just a swirl. I wanted a core. Yes, I have tried this before and it was not ideal, but this time I thought I was more prepared. This I had not idea how to do, but I figured I could craft an idea while I made the ice cream.

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure

No stove was needed in this flavor. And before I get any further, I need to stipulate that this is a chunky only website. Don’t get me wrong I love all peanut butter, but I especially love chunky peanut butter. And this flavor would be no exception. It was a loaded train to Chunkytown. First, the peanut butter and sugar got whipped up with some milk.

Nothing but a hand mixer was needed. The cream got whisked in and then it could go straight to churning!

I lost my chill time, but I didn’t mind because I was at home pretending I did not have any schoolwork.

A quick churn and then it was time for the swirling.

My original core idea was to place a test tube in the middle of the pint and fill the ice cream in around. But a test tube was much too skinny for a core! So I found some thick tape, meant for some housework use, and covered the tube in it. Now it was the perfect thickness!

I spooned a thin layer on the bottom of the pint to act as a glue for the test tube to stick to. The rest of the pint was filled with peanut butter ice cream with raspberry jam swirls. I piped the jam with a cut plastic bag and it made beautiful patterns.

I froze the pint for about half an hour before removing the test tube and filling in my core. And it looked Ben & Jerry’s worthy.

I was one happy camper. But now comes the taste test.


I could barely wait to taste this flavor. I dug in the first thing I knew it was frozen. The raspberry jam was perfect; it didn’t freeze and it was the right amount of tart and sweet. And the peanut butter was chunky and rich, but not too much to hurt your stomach. But together, a masterpiece was formed. It was amazingly addictive. I could not physically put this flavor away after one spoonful.

In fact, when I was finished taking pictures of this flavor, I ate the entire cupful. And I didn’t even use a spoon, I slurped it right into my mouth. There was no guilt. It was worth it for each chunk of pb and each smooth  swirl of jam.

Overall, this is an irresistible flavor for any peanut butter lover, or any fellow pb& j lover.  It is absolutely a scoopable flavor. Get yourself a big bowl and a spoon and settle in for a flavor journey.


I thought I was winding down with my work until I sat down and thought about it. 4 tests, 2 presentations, 2 lab reports and 3 papers left. Just a pinch more work right? Not! It turns out I’m not as close as I thought. But its only about three weeks! I’ll gladly take any prayers of strength while I power through. Meanwhile, the sun is shining outside, begging me to come out and play.

Life seems to be really picking up, even as the summer is on the horizon. My clothes in my bedroom are completely divided between Wisconsin and non-Wisconsin. I have one week to pack up my life into a sedan and drive on out. Any suggestions of podcasts, audiobooks or music to entertain me and my dad for our 15 hour drive? Leave it in the comments below!

All in all, life for me is quite hectic. Thank goodness I have a hamster by my side, not to mention my beautiful family and loving friends. And ice cream is always in my corner of the ring! Especially PB & Jazz ice cream.

I like to have full disclosure with you friends, so I must tell you the name of this flavor came from my volunteer ice cream assistant, who guesses my flavors by photo and names them occasionally.

I thank you all for reading my blog once again. And I will leave you today with my very favorite Bible quote, from the Book of Psalms. Scoop ya later!

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