Orange You Glad I Said Pineapple?

February 25, 2017

If you are reading this, then you did not lose all faith in me as an ice cream maker last week. Thank you pals. This week we are gonna turn to a fresh new page and start over with a fun new flavor. Let’s dilly and dally no longer!


The inspiration for this flavor comes from an ice cream I had over the summer.  It was so great I had to try to concoct it for myself. My parents and I drove an hour to get this ice cream they had gotten once when they were dating or something, when dinosaurs sat at the next booth.

I’d never thought orange-pineapple ice cream existed. Sherbet or sorbet? Sure definitely, but a full ice cream? That was a challenge. And I was down for the challenge and tackling the beast of another citrus ice cream. Not to mention that I love any excuse to make a summery flavor and pretend its a lot closer to the end of the semester than it is.


The first main decision of this flavor was the method of pineapple delivery. Plenty of recipes called for an entire fresh pineapple! But I didn’t go that route for 2 reasons.

  1. I do not have a food processor. Nor was I in the position to purchase one.
  2. Pineapple is a very acidic fruit. On the pH scale, it hits a 3.5, which is pretty far down into the acid camp.

An acid that strong would touch the milk and cream, and curdle it faster than you could say “pineapple”. So rather than put myself through that aggravation, I was going to go with canned pineapple. But that’s another challenge. That acidity reacts with the metal of the can sometimes and you end up getting little yellow cubes of metal tasting fruit. That would just not do. I finally settled on pineapple in a plastic jar, getting the best of all possible worlds.

As for the other half of this flavor, it was pretty straight-forward. Recipes were calling for orange soda to be added to the base. That just gave me the creeps, so that was a definite no-go. I went with some plain old-fashioned oranges.

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure:

First, I had to mush the pineapple into the fruit version of mashed potatoes.

Next, I had to zest the heck out of those oranges. When I did this, and combined it with the milk, I noticed something for the first time in my life. Naked oranges are just plain strange-looking. Don’t you agree?

When this was done boiling, I went back to the good ole tempering process.

And then the custardization process. After about 15 minutes of constant stirring and the back of the spoon test, I wasn’t getting anywhere. If you don’t know this by now, I would put myself in the top 30 under 30 most impatient people of the globe. So I yanked it from the stove, let it chill and then added the pineapple puree when I remembered I forgot to put it in.

Churning this time was no quick event. I made a ton of this flavor and it required two batches in the machine. But you know what, it was so pretty I didn’t really mind. It froze pretty fast as well!


Let’s start with the good. It tastes great! And that is about 78% of the way to ice cream success. The other 22%? Yeah that’s what missing.

First main problem, the film. After you enjoy a big spoonful of this flavor, you may notice a bit of a film mouthfeel. And I can directly trace it back to the oranges. I should have more thoroughly scrubbed the outside of the oranges before zesting. I think the wax type thing they put on the outside of fruits at the store carried straight on through to the pints.

Second problem. My lack of patience. More specifically, the custard didn’t form because I took it off the heat too soon. And when this happens, the ice cream texture doesn’t come out right. It will be flaky and won’t scoop nicely. Here is some photographic evidence to further prove my point:

Other than that, its ready to hit the shelves of grocery stores nationwide!

Both of the issues with this ice cream are totally fixable. So I am keeping this flavor in the “total yum” pile. Let’s not sell it short okay? Not every flavor turns out perfectly and that’s the reason I am still in school and not some overnight ice cream viral success. But if anyone wants to arrange for that to happen, I’m totally ready!


I thoroughly enjoyed this flavor almost as much as I did back in the 90 degree summer heat. It has all the perfect characteristics to bring you right to that tropical paradise of yours. Whether it is an actual tropical paradise, or a deck overlooking a bay, you’ll be taken right there. I would recommend this flavor for all converted pineapple fans (like myself) and people who are feeling adventurous, but not bungee-jumping risky. And the color of it will draw you in, you’ve got to try this flavor just for the perfect Instagram. No filter needed!

Prior to this year, I would not eat anything that was remotely pineapple flavored. It was too strong of a taste and the strange tinglies on my tongue were over the top. I actively avoided pineapple, until one day I tried the tiniest tidbit and found out Hey! this is actually pretty delicious. Ever since then, I eat all the pineapple I can get my hands on. Once over the summer, I found a pineapple cut into perfect slices in the very back of the fridge down the shore. The only logical thing I could think of was to consume the entire pineapple in one night and not give it a second thought. As I was finishing the last bite, my cousin informed me that they were meant for skewers the next night. Big whoops (sorry again Aunt Linny!).

Fun Fact Time: I tried rolled ice cream! Have you heard of this latest ice cream trend? I’d give it a quick google, it’ll be worth your time. It was an awesome process of watching the ice cream being made in front of you, but I had one unanswered question. How do they keep the surface frozen at all times? What kind of coolant are they using to do that? It was the nerdiest thing I’ve ever thought, and I was too embarrassed to ask the boy who was rolling my ice cream. I’m still pondering it to be honest. But it was delicious and I would go back! The s’more flavor was top-notch.

Time to stick my nose back into the books and finish powering through this last week of classes! Wish me luck and strength! Here’s today’s quote, spoken by my favorite lady. Seriously, she was the coolest.

Scoop ya later!

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