Ode to Fall Ice Cream

December 7, 2017


Oh my friends,I do apologize. I am indeed alive and did not fall off a cliff. Whoever said senior year was a breeze severely lied to me. I am nearing the end of the semester with four professional presentations and one very imposing final exam left before Christmas break. Everything got carried away and I am very sad to say that ice cream fell by the wayside. This flavor was actually made in early November, but taking the time out of group projects was just not do-able. Until now. I am making the time to hand-deliver this ice cream to you. This ice cream is called Ode to Fall and is a pumpkin ice cream loaded with chunks of oatmeal cookie dough.


I am not a pumpkin fan. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are fare from my favorite drink. But I have plenty of interaction with pumpkin. My doggy, Fiona, loves pumpkin in her food at breakfast and dinner. So it is growing on me. As an ice cream maker, I know that I have to branch out from flavors that I like, and this is my first attempt at that. To lessen the load of the pumpkin, I decided to mix in some cookie dough, but not the chocolate chip variety. Oatmeal cookies are such a fall cookie that an egg-less dough would suit this flavor perfectly. In an egg-less cookie dough, the amount of flour is increased and milk is added to act as the emulsifier. When it gets frozen, it remains about the same hardness of frozen butter. How do I know the hardness of frozen butter? I liked butter as a kid, a lot!

Pumpkin ice cream is a custard based ice cream to accentuate the richness that this flavor could be. If you have ever eaten a pumpkin roll, you know the delicious sinfulness that is pumpkin and cream. So without further ado, here is how I made it! Let’s see if I remember how to do this…

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure

First, I made the oatmeal cookie dough. I combined oats, chocolate chips, flour, milk and cinnamon. Not to mention butter! Then I rolled it into a log and threw it into the freezer. Next up, I made the base. It was a normal base, but at the end of the process, I added a whole can of solid packed pumpkin. If I was more handy, I would have extracted my own pumpkin. But I decided it was a better use of my time just to buy it. The final ice cream mix was a dark orange, rich pumpkin color. I churned it, and added some chopped cookie dough and froze it.

I had a wannabe sou chef the whole time. Someone with a very good sniffer who loves pumpkin. She was by my side the entire process, and was very sad when none just happened to fall on the ground. But both of us have to limit our ice cream intake, so we save it for special occasions.


For a non-pumpkin lover, I really enjoy this flavor. It has a hearty pumpkin flavor with the crunch of oats and chocolate. Sometimes a bit of a cinnamon bit sneaks in for a spicy spoonful. While I am not converted entirely to the pumpkin side, this flavor did help immensely. The smooth texture of this flavor really helps to carry the flavor over fully.

Unfortunately, this flavor did not scoop cleanly, which indicates it was not a full custard or had improper distribution of crystal sizes. But if you don’t mind a slightly crumbly scoop, this flavor is for you. I called this flavor Ode to Fall because I tried to capture the most quintessential fall flavors. Pumpkin, oats and chocolate are perfect flavors that pair perfectly with stepping on crunchy leaves. Fiona and I search for piles of crunchy leaves on our walks and run through them. She especially loves them. I am happy to oblige.


Can we believe that I am practically a second-semester senior? I sure can. I firmly believe there are better times ahead. Where my path is headed I am not sure. Grad school? Food science job? I am not sure, but I sure am excited. There is something absolutely thrilling about not knowing the adventures that lie ahead of you. It gives me hope in the dark end of the semester. I think I am officially over college and the drama it entails. I am ready for real work and real snuggles with Fiona. That to me, along with the love of family and real friends, is what really matters. Not who does the majority of slides for a presentation.

I have another flavor in the works and I promise it won’t be a month until you read about it. Scoop ya later!

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