Nilla Bean

May 27, 2017

I’ve missed you. My followers, my blog, my ice cream; all of it. I’ve missed it. Live from Oshkosh Wisconsin, its ScoopSquared! Let’s pretend this long gap between posts hasn’t happened and jump into my newest flavor, Nilla Bean.


I’ve got week one of my internship under my belt. This summer is shaping up to be a great one. My job is actually awesome, even with all of the fashionable hairnets and ID badge. I will be starting to tackle my technical projects soon, as soon as I can figure out what they are figuring out what they are saying. To say I’m eager to go to grad school for food science is an understatement, because engineering terms are not usually thrown around in the research and development office.

The drive to Wisconsin was quite an experience. My dad and I loaded up my car until we had to slam the doors to stuff everything in, and then out. We listened to my carefully crafted playlist, that included everything from 50’s crooners to some hip hop.  And other than an awful rainy time in Indiana, it was all smooth. We made it in a short 17.5 hours!

I am settled now in my beautiful apartment with my new roomies and a new pet cat! His name is Winston, and he is just the cutest. He likes to help me eat my breakfast in the morning and he wears adorable little shirts.

So far, I’m living the life I imagined for myself out here.

And before you think to yourself, wow she must not care for her family at all, just know I miss my squad terribly. I talk to them once or twice a day and we discuss the same things everyday very thoroughly.

Let’s dive into this pint and swim in the deliciousness shall we?


Nilla Bean is a toasted vanilla wafer based ice cream with swirls of marshmallow fluff. The original plan was to include lemon curd swirls as well, but the more I thought about it, the less I liked lemon curd. Not to mention I couldn’t find it in the store.

At work, we have a flavor cabinet that made my eyes wider than a kid at Disney. Hundreds of little bottles of the most amazing flavors you can imagine. It made me think totally differently about how to flavor my ice cream. If I had a flavoring of vanilla wafer, I could have just put that into my ice cream and been set. But alas, I am not a company, just your average girl. So I would just have to make do with my normal infusion method.

But ice cream is ice cream and its delicious either way!

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure

I started out with my normal way of heating the cream and milk, and whisking the eggs and sugar. Then I added the wafers and let them steep. After approximately 37 minutes, I decided they had been in there long enough and I would strain them out just as I have done in the past. But it didn’t pan out that way.

You see, the wafer cookies had become a mush and would be impossible to just simply strain out and squish out the excess milk. I had to improvise, and fast! So I just took my whisk and went to town. And when I got it to where I thought it was as smooth as could be, I strained it. Then those little clumpies were thrown away and I moved on with my process. But let me tell you, this was one thick base. I could barely sleep that night, worrying it would be too thick to form a good ice cream.

The next day at work, I was itching to get home and churn it so I could accept my fate. I would be the girl with the clumpy ice cream, and would have no merit as an ice cream maker in Wisconsin.

I gave it a churn, and crossed my fingers. Then I mixed the fluff and water to make it swirl-able, and crushed up some more wafers as a crunch. The swirling became more of a pouring process, but you get the idea.

And as I was cleaning up the bowl, I dipped my finger in, expecting to find clumps and thick, unpleasing ice cream. But you know what? It wasn’t half bad! In fact it was good!!


This ice cream surprised me actually. It’s been a while since I made it, and I was thinking maybe I lost my touch. But nope, its right where I left it. Thank goodness I packed it in the car!

The wafer flavor comes right across smoothly and is not too overpowering. The fluff swirls never fully freeze so they help with the ease of scooping. But be careful, the fluff can make long fluff strings and once they stick to something, you are doomed. Clean it up immediately or risk having a sticky counter forever! That’s a curse I wouldn’t wish on anybody!

It is not an overpowering flavor, and could probably be combined with another flavor in a cone easily. I am thinking it would also go great with a banana flavor or one of my favorite summer desserts, Paula Deen’s Not Your Mama’s Banana Puddin’. Man oh man, I could go for a dishful of that right about now! Mom if you are reading this, you could Fedex some up. It might stay fresh.


Overall, I am very impressed with this ice cream. Its sweet, but not cavity sweet. Its smooth and creamy and could be sticky, so napkins are advised.

I hope you are relaxing somewhere as you are reading this. Preferably at the beach. I do miss my Long Beach Island already, but I went the day before I shipped out here. And like the genius I am, I promptly got one of the worst sunburns I have ever experienced. It made for a smooth ride out here, that’s for sure. Before I left the beach though, I took a quick swim. Nothing long, but I had to get in the ocean before I left. Yes it was freezing, but completely worth it!

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend, everyone! Eternal thanks to the men and women in the military, both past and present. I admire your courage and bravery always.

Also, a perk of this unofficial start of summer, it usually falls around a very momentous day in my life. Yes my birthday is Tuesday the 30th. Little baby Alanna Rose is turning 21, but no worries, it’s a work night, so no crazy events will be ensuing. That’s gonna be my fun fact, because I can’t think of anything else fun that wouldn’t make me look like a total nerd. Everyone at work definitely thinks I am the nerd of the century because my mouth is usually gaping and I’m always saying “wow” and “that’s the coolest thing ever”, usually when looking at the plant or lab equipment.

I hope you all are ready and strapped in for a summer full of new flavors, because I brought my ingredients here and I’ve got a ton of ideas! I will be posting weekly as usual now that I am settled and squared away. As always, please leave any ideas in the comments. Until next week everyone, Scoop ya later!


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