Jeepers Creepers, Where’d You Get Those Peepers?

April 14, 2017

Happy Easter everyone! I hope your day is spent dyeing Easter eggs, eating your weight in chocolate and showing off your snazzy Easter outfit. For those of you who love a different classic Easter candy, read on! Hint hint: its Peeps!


Let me start out by thanking you for taking a second out of your busy weekend to read this little slice of heaven that is this flavor. It is one of my very favorite flavors I have made.

This week at school has been a whirlwind. The weather has warmed up to delightful temperatures that no longer require bundles of coats, so naturally I had to pack up all my sweaters. Because once it gets warm, it never goes back right? On top of that, I had a few homeworks to finish up before I zipped on home.

Easter has always been an exciting time of year. I realize now it was so exciting because I was on a constant sugar high for the day. Candy before breakfast! I’ve always loved the bunny Peeps, and would eat their eyes first because I was convinced they were chocolate (they aren’t). Inspired by my love of Peeps, and the fact that I ate an entire package of Peeps flavored Oreos, I decided to make a marshmallow-Peeps flavored ice cream.


I am really just not thrilled with the recipes I have found online recently. Loads of recipes called for regular marshmallows to be melted into the milk. Others say to toast the marshmallows and blend them into the ice cream base. None of these options pleased me. So instead I went my own way. I wanted to toast the marshmallows and Peeps with a kitchen torch. They seem so cool. Then I could figure out some way to incorporate the toasty marshmallows into the base. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of mixins, I wanted this to be a smooth flavor, just like the smoothness of Peeps.

Curious about how a marshmallow gets toasted, in science words? It has a 6-step process believe it or not. You don’t just put it on a stick and let it catch fire.  First, the marshmallow swells as the moisture expands inside. Then the moisture escapes through tiny holes in the marshmallow as steam. Then the oxygen rushes to the surface of the marshmallow because there it is a moisture-free sucrose bubble. The carbon reacts with oxygen on the surface of the ‘mallow, making a blue flame. Next carbon reacts with oxygen to make carbon monoxide then dioxide, as combustion reactions do. Finally, when you realize the marshmallow is on fire and you blow it out, the black soot on the surface is the proof of an incomplete combustion, aka hydrocarbon + oxygen –> carbon monoxide + carbon + water. See? Aren’t you happy you asked?

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure

The kitchen torch was a great idea but it was hard to work and I didn’t want to set off the fire alarm. Instead I opted to use the broiler in my oven. The marshmallows turned out like perfectly golden pillows. And the Peeps? They look like I tortured them. But they tasted amazing!

While they broiled and I watched them like a hawk, I heated the milk. When the milk heated, I threw in a couple marshmallows just to see what would happen. They melted into the milk beautifully when whisked. So I promptly tossed in the rest, and the Peeps. It turned an adorable pink color! A pink ice cream?! This is an ideal situation! The color faded a little when I tempered in the milk and formed a custard, but it was still detectable.

So I gave it a churn after it chilled and broiled some more Peeps chicks for the top of the ice cream. This turned out to be my smartest move. It might be the prettiest ice cream I’ve made, but how does it taste?


Short answer: it is spectacular. Longer answer: the Peeps on the top give it a perfect amount of crunch to perfectly compliment the smooth marshmallow flavor. At first, you might think it tasted like nothing, like last week. But if you pay attention, you’ll taste that marshmallow-y and Peeps flavor. And oh my, buckle up then!

You might just eat a whole pint and not even realize it. Not that I am speaking from experience or anything…This flavor is most definitely one you want to scoop out into a bowl and eat with a good movie. Or just eat it while chatting to your pet hamster. Whatever floats your boat!


Easter for me has always been a nice day. It feels like spring; new and fresh. I love to celebrate with my family on Easter Sunday, because of the copious candy amounts and ham for dinner. Easter Monday, or Dingus Day as us Polish folk call it, is always a chance to do something fun too. It is one of the days my dad always takes off from work, so we always try to make it special and memorable. I hope this Easter entails time surrounded by my family laughing and causing a ruckus.

We will be celebrating my cousin Marissa’s 17th birthday on tax day. This is especially frightening to me. As I get older I don’t bat an eye, but when my baby cousin is turning 17, that is just not okay. I can still remember putting my hands on my aunt’s belly begging her to name the new baby Rose, after me.

I would be lost without my little Meet-Meet, as I call her. She is always there to chat with, if you need to get something off your chest, or you just feel lonely. I am very lucky to have cousins that I consider my very best friends.

This ice cream is one that I will add to my list to repeat so everyone can enjoy it to their heart’s desire. I will start with a gallon of it for myself. I wish you all a blessed and peaceful Easter and I will be back next week with another Scoop Squared original flavor!



  1. Easter is my favorite holiday as well AlannaRose! After we return home from Mass, have a pre-breakfast of peeps and Cadbury eggs, what could be better!

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