Christmas Morning Ice Cream

December 23, 2017


Welcome all! Happy Christmas Eve eve! Is your family is anything like mine, these next 48 hours are filled with frantic wrapping, cleaning and cooking. But if you can spare a few minutes, keep reading for a Christmas specialty ice cream flavor!

Christmas break has finally come and I am grateful for the break. I hope Santa brings me some great grades! I am working my tookus off at my favorite retail store and am happy to be reunited with all of my work moms. And before I know it, I will be off to Penn State for the ice cream short course! Eek! It is finally happening! After 2 years of waiting I am finally taking my dream course. I have never been so excited to learn, do calculations and take a big exam.


Christmas Morning ice cream is a blend of two flavors: coffee and peppermint, with chunks of candy canes. This flavor is reminiscent of opening presents on Christmas morning under the tree. I could have made this into more of a peppermint mocha flavor, but I wanted to keep them in their individual flavors. The main lesson I learned during the process of making this flavor is that extracts intensify when frozen. Like alcohol, they do not freeze, so the flavors remain intense and pure when they are chilled. Let’s not forget this, or to pour carefully. I think we can tell where this is going.

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure

When making this ice cream I had my favorite helper. Marissa, my cousin, came over to hang out with me while I made ice cream. First, I made the coffee flavor. I didn’t have whole beans to steep in the milk, so I used coarse ground coffee. I let the grounds steep in the milk for a while before straining them out and using the coffee milk to finish into a custard. Then I made the peppermint flavor. This too was a custard, but I did not add the peppermint extract until the very end. I measured it out in small additions and just as I was pouring the last bit in, I got too vigorous. A bunch came flying out of the bottle and right into the custard. Oh well, I thought, it won’t do any harm.  Marissa thought it would be a good idea to color the peppermint flavor a bright Christmas red. The closest I could get was a slight red, slightly pinky color. I churned the peppermint first and laid the pints on their sides in the freezer while I churned the coffee. Then I mixed in some candy cane pieces and called it good!


The coffee flavor is a tried and true favorite of mine. It is not too strong, but not too subtle. I could eat this flavor all day long. The peppermint though, it clears out your nose. It is as strong-tasting as it is smelling. That is not to say it isn’t delicious. It is just strong. If you enjoy a peppermint flavor, you will like this. The combination of the two are a strong combo. Not a flavor for the weak of heart. I have made some subtle and delicate flavors that are perfect for a palate cleansing. This is not even close. This is a hit you in the face whoop of a flavor. Its delicious, festive and in the holiday spirit.


I am very excited for this Christmas. It is a holiday full of firsts, such as my niece’s first, Fiona’s first and our first Christmas in a long time where we get to spoil a little baby with the cutest little presents. Sometimes getting older means you lose a little bit of the magic and spirit. It doesn’t mean Hess trucks and toys. There are usually clothes and socks under the tree. This is part of growing up though. A whole new group of little ones to love and enjoy. And if all Christmas magic fails, there is always plenty of yummy desserts to look forward to. This year, I hope you enjoy all that God has blessed you with. Next week, I will be featuring a different kind of flavor, so make sure you stop back or subscribe. Scoop ya later! Merry Christmas!


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