September 20, 2017


Howdy ice cream friends! Hope this past week has been filled with Indian summer ice cream cones. This week, I made a flavor that has potential to blow your socks off. That is, if you are a fan of chocolate, waffles or the combination of the two! Keep on reading for a new scoop!


Chocowaffled is a chocolate waffle base ice cream with some chocolate covered waffle-cookies swirled in. I really wanted the main emphasis to be on the base so it isn’t loaded to the brim with inclusions. I wanted this flavor to taste like breakfast in a pint. Sometimes on Saturday mornings my mom would make waffles and on rare occasions, we could put ice cream on top of them. This is where I got my inspiration from. A chocolate waffle, like an airy brownie type dessert, would transfer its flavor nicely into an ice cream. When I pictured this ice cream in my head, I assumed it would be a custard-type. This is because I thought it needed a thicker component, almost like a batter-type thickness. Like last week, I could not find a satisfactory chocolate waffle ice cream recipe, so I created my own. Here we go!

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure

The first thing I had to do to was make the waffles. But I don’t have a need for a big fancy waffle maker. I happened to spot this adorable  pink mini waffle maker and I’ve been saving it for this ice cream, and some late night waffle cravings. I made some chocolate waffles  and boy did they smell delicious! Then I warmed up the milk and plopped in a couple of waffles to swim around. After they had time to settle and soak in, I strained out any remaining solids of the waffles and then reheated it. Next up I whisked up the eggs and sugar, then tempered the waffle milk into it. It cooked into a custard in record time! I think my new gas stove is so much more powerful, it gets the job done.

While the custard chilled in the fridge, I covered these waffle cookies I have also been saving in chocolate. They would add a crispy chocolate crunch to my ice cream.

Churning this ice cream was also easy, as my freezer is back to its full function. The fully frozen bowl worked quickly and after it was finished I folded in some of the chocolate covered waffle cookies. Not too many though, because I really wanted the chocolate waffle base to shine. Just the fragrance of the ice cream alone was enough to let me know it was gonna be spectacularly delicious.


My sniffer did not lie to me. This ice cream is a waffle, for sure! The waffle flavor isn’t too strong, but you can discern it. I loved the small waffle cookie chunks because they are originally vanilla flavor, but covered in chocolate. Yum! The texture was smooth and creamy, without any eggy type aftertaste that custards sometimes have.

This flavor marked a new passage in my ice cream making. I added a stabilizer to this pint! Now it was not a lot, I need to play around with the usage rates, but so far, I think the meltability is already better. It seemed to freeze faster and stay frozen out of the freezer longer than other pints I have made so far. This could all just be confirmation bias, but that remains to be seen. Yay for advancement!

I think Chocowaffled is a delicious pint that could and should be consumed in large quantities. It would be best in a homemade waffle cone, still a little warm. I have never heard of this flavor before, so I am a proud of my flavor innovation. This will be a little highlight flavor in my shop. Lately, with the amount of assignments and design projects I have been doing, I cannot imagine anything better than creating and scooping my ice cream.


Senior year has been remarkably different from all of my other college years. I feel so much older all of a sudden and can hardly recognize anyone on campus. I don’t notice that too much though, because my amount of work seems to keep me busy at all times. This year, it seems as if I and my classmates took a step back on the stress scale. We may have 5 major projects all due on one day, but we aren’t frantic like those juniors seem to be. We are used to the crushing feeling of engineering now. It sounds awful, but that is the truth. We smile more than you would think!

In the most fun fact I think ever, I am an aunt. My perfect baby niece was born this week and I can’t stop obsessing over her. I cannot wait to be there for this baby’s life and get to spoil her with all sorts of fun stuff. When she gets older, I know we will make ice cream together. Everyone pretty much knows I can cry at the drop of a hat, but when I held her, I became so incredibly calm. I could have sat there forever with this little burrito of a human in my arms and chatted with her. But we have plenty of time for that.

Until next week my friends, scoop ya later!


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