Chocolate Razzmatazz

July 25, 2017

Ready for another week of ice cream fun? This week I’ve whipped up another fun flavor to share with y’all. Any tried and true chocolate raspberry lovers out there? This flavor is for you. Also if I have any tart fans who like to pucker a little, read on!


As I have shared with you many times, I love picking my own fruit. This week, the raspberries were ripe! So me and my roomie headed over to this little farm ran by a husband, wife and baby (the baby does most of the work).

Raspberry picking is hard labor! It’s not as simple as plopping yourself down in a field and searching for a ripe, plump berry. No, the bushes have thorns and they like to protect their berries under layers of leaves. And whereas berries will be in clumps on a strawberry plant, raspberries are usually ripe at a ratio of 1 ripe: 3 unripe per bunch. Regardless, I picked a pint with plenty of sampling and immediately started thinking of ways to use them. Raspberries can turn to mush in the time it takes to get Winston out of the fridge.

My first thought was to use them in a sorbet, but that got sidetracked. It will be made in a few weeks’ time. My next thought was my mom’s favorite at Bruster’s, chocolate raspberry. I would concoct a creamy and luscious ice cream made for summer nights and nights spent snuggled in your blankies.


I did not want this to be a custard based ice cream. I had no desire to have that eggy note in this flavor. What I did want was a sort of hot chocolate-y type chocolate. Simple, with plenty of cream flavor and a milky chocolate.

Not to mention a zing of raspberry. You see, everybody and their brother has made a sweet and sinful chocolate raspberry. What I have not tasted was a chocolate raspberry with a pucker. That’s where chocolate razzmatazz comes in center stage. It was going to be a tart chocolate raspberry ice cream with a swirl of raspberry sauce. Two things worth mentioning here that were personal decisions: minimal sugar would be added, and the raspberry seeds would not be strained out.

This is how I decided I wanted my take on chocolate raspberry to be.

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure

This may have been one of the simplest ice creams I have ever made. I decided to make it very last-minute one evening and for once, it was a smooth process. I heated the milk and cream with the cocoa powder. Then I added the raspberries to the mix.

I wanted to make a raspberry sauce with the remaining raspberries I had. So I pureed them up with some sugar.


I think this is a winner of a flavor. Many people enjoy the cooked raspberry taste usually found in chocolate raspberry ice creams, but I think this  freshness could appeal to them too. Bring them out of their comfort zone a little bit and liven things up for those stuck in an ice cream rut. The chocolate isn’t too heavy, but pretty smooth. The raspberries add a serious punch of tart and sour, and when I brought this into work, some people said it was took tart for them. They were probably expecting something much sweeter.

The seeds might be a dealbreaker for some people, especially for my mom. She wouldn’t eat this version of the flavor because of the seeds. But I like the slight crunch they add.

Time for the drawbacks. The main one is that it thawed a little bit too much in my odd freezer and formed a pretty unappealing ice crystal layer along the whole top. Another problem I saw was that the raspberry sauce got a little hard to scoop. Its times like that when I wish I had a blast freezer that I was able to squeeze into my car and a continuous freezer to churn. But I think on my ice cream journey, I have pretty much gotten the flavors down, I just need to improve on my texture and stability.


I have quite a long way to go before I can open the doors to my scoop shops. Here’s my life plan that I have in my head:

Graduate college –>Go to grad school full-time –> Get a job in the dairy industry in R&D –> Get married –>Settle down somewhere in the U.S. and buy a little shop –>Start making ice cream for the masses –> Kids + ice cream + life + happiness + fun

Nothing can go wrong right? Well now that I typed it all out here, it definitely will get messed up.

But I think I am on my way. I’m ¾ done with the first task! People who know me can gather quickly that I am a very future-oriented thinker. I like to work toward a goal, and usually nebulous ideas or tasks tend to get me anxious.

Can you believe that I will be home in a month? I can honestly say this is the fastest summer of my life, not to mention my palest. But I can say I love it. It seems surreal how enjoyable this summer has been so far. I’ve made many new friends who I can’t wait to visit me in PA. I’ve slept on an air mattress for 3 months, and I loved it!

Fun fact for this week: as I am sure you may have realized, I am missing my family’s Lake George vacation this year. And it is going to be tough. But the good news is that Beaker will be going in my place. I can’t wait to hear what he thinks of all of the adventures. Anyway, my fun fact. This weekend I had my own mini Lake George vacation in Door County Wisconsin. I seventh-wheeled with the 3 coolest couples. The most memorable part was the setup. Why? Because as soon as we took the tent out of the car it started to drizzle. And then it turned into a monsoon-like rain that drenched us to the core. The only missing thing was making sure the boat was secure on the dock and everyone was in the dining fly playing spoons. Camping in Door County was awesome regardless and a wonderful way to enjoy my time here.

Tune in next week for another fun flavor, or a better version of one already made. I am sure I will have another awesome fun fact for y’all. Until then, scoop ya later!


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