Maple Breakfast in Bed Ice Cream

March 18, 2017

Greetings one and all to the newest addition of Scoop²! Today I’m writing from my own personal icebox, as it feels like I am living in an igloo with this weather. Don’t be fooled by the sun, it is bitterly cold out there! So let’s cut to the chase here, you and I are both wishing for summer. And summer =  ice cream. Read on if that was your kind of mathematics and you are a maple enthusiast!


I wish I could say I’ve had the pleasure of eating breakfast in bed. But that was a huge no-no in my house. No food in bedrooms. And it was for that exact reason as a kid I snuck jars of peanut butter and fluff under my bed to have a snack on. I told you I was a devilish child!

I’ve always found the process of maple syrup collecting and making to be fascinating. When I one day move to Vermont and settle in at Ben & Jerry’s, I will make sure there is an old maple on my property. So I can make my own instead of buying it. Because, guess what, real maple syrup is expensive!

What else goes better with maple syrup than waffles? Better yet waffle cookies! And some toasted oats to add oatmeal to nutritious ice cream breakfast. And it is highly advised this be eaten at breakfast. Or whenever you enjoy eating breakfast foods, which for me is anytime.


Making maple ice cream is different from making other ice cream bases. You cannot just simply make a normal base and add the syrup once it is finished. That will just not do. You have to cook it into the base because it is acting as the flavor as well as the sweetener. I also went with the Jeni method of the cream cheese and cornstarch to achieve the creamiest and smoothest flavor that’s just a hint less rich than the custard method.

Another planning complication I was faced with was the enemy of ice cream mix-ins; sogginess. I didn’t want to put in these deliciously buttery waffle cookies just to have them get squishy. So I decided I would coat them in maple syrup to maintain their crunch and add to the whole maple syrup-y experience.

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure

I had a good feeling that classes would be cancelled this Tuesday, so on Monday, I braved the crowds and went to the grocery store. All I needed were the ingredients for my flavor, but the fellow shoppers acted like I was taking their most necessary items. Sorry people, but I think you can live through a snowstorm without maple syrup. I however, cannot. It was an experience I am not looking forward to repeating anytime soon.

First, I made the slurry out of cornstarch and milk.

Then it was time to heat up the maple syrup. It has this really cool property of boiling. You don’t know when it will boil until it just starts bubbling away. It gives no indication, it just goes.

Then I added the milk and cream. The sneaky acidity of the syrup likes to make it look like the milk has curdled, but never fear. It will come back together eventually!

Next up was that joyful four-minute boiling period that is enough to turn your hair gray with the stress.

While it cooled on the windowsill during the storm, I coated the cookies in the little bit of syrup I had left. It was a perfect match, they turned into these amber slivers of heaven! Crunchy and sticky and not at all meant for people with dental concerns!

Then I toasted up some oats, gave it a quick churn and into the freezer it went!


Oh my. Let’s just take a second and pick our jaws off the ground after trying this. And lets also do David in the Kitchen from QVC’s happy dance while we are at it. Man oh man, this is what I’d crave for all three meals of the day. I just paused my writing to go have a spoonful to confirm. And yes, it is just as delicious.

Something I have noticed is that the Jeni method ice creams never get as frozen solid as the others do. They always remain perfectly scoopable, and perhaps a little melty. That is why the finished pictures don’t display full scoops. They started as scoops but kinda just melted into a pile. Kind of like what I wish the feet of snow would do around my car!

The flavor is not overwhelmingly maple-y. And the oats give it a nice texture and depth. But those cookies steal the show. They are crunchy even after sitting in the ice cream for a while. I am really impressed with the overall outcome of this ice cream. If I was to repeat it, or give some advice to my future self, I would get the bigger size of the maple syrup! I ran out just as I was coating the cookies in their crunch layer.


When I open my very own scoop shop one day, I will make sure this flavor becomes a daily one. I think everyone should try this flavor. Even those who aren’t the biggest maple fans. Just try a little sample of it to please me. I love to think about the days when I will be out of school and making ice cream until my belly hurts. Working in a lab and having a blast. And then coming home to….well I haven’t gotten that far. But definitely an Old English Sheepdog, which I ironically want to name Maple!

My fun fact is actually fun this week! I think at least. I made bread for the first time in my life. And it was good! I found this really simple, four-ingredient recipe for crusty bread so my mom and I gave it a try. It was a shot in the dark, and it took a long while, but when those three loaves came out of the oven, I was like a proud new mom. They were perfectly baked, perfectly shaped and tasted spectacular! I think I hit a new level of old lady when one of the highlights of my spring break was making bread. But we all know I am an old Southern woman inside a Northern college girl’s body.

I can’t wait until it starts to warm up and I can make some yummy summery ice creams. But until then, I’ll be munchin’ on Breakfast in Bed and doing my homework. I am going to attempt to dig my car out now, with my garden shovel. Wish me luck and scoop ya later!


  1. I’ll be honest – outside the no-churn and banana ice cream recipes, I’ve never really tried to make my own ice cream. Your recipes always inspire and this one especially because I’m a HUGE maple syrup fan. My parents are too, so I may give this one a try soon!! I hope the weather warms up for you soon!!

  2. I want to try this one like right now. Please save me some!! I feel like the popular maple partner these days is bacon. Ever consider a savory ice cream?

    1. I might have finished it off as a breakfast appetizer…A maple bacon flavor? I sure like the sound of that!

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