Breakfast on the Go Ice Cream

September 3, 2017

Happy Labor day weekend! Are you as soggy as I am right now? I wish I could say I have been swimming and lounging my day away at the beach in the sun, but I have actually been inside working on relearning calculus for the third time. Graduation is May 19! Today’s ice cream is cream cheese and coffee ice creams swirled with chocolate covered bagel chunks.


My parents could not believe I would be “phone-away focused” this early in the school year, but it’s already started. As a senior, there are no pretenses or hand-holding. They throw you straight into the fire with no remorse. It is already tough.

So lets forget that thing called school and talk about ice cream. As I have said many a time before, I love coffee ice cream. But I wanted to somehow make this a breakfast themed ice cream. Not like omlet or eggy because, like, ew. But a cream cheese and bagel type breakfast. A yummy mixture that I actually had just this morning!


The coffee would be relatively straightforward, just like the others I have done. But the cream cheese. Now that would be a challenge. This would have to be a basic, Philadelphia-style base because any eggs would completely overpower the cream cheese flavor.

Next I struggled with the bagel. It is common sense that a bagel, or begel as they are called in my hometown, soaked in a liquid will get mushy. So I needed to create a moisture barrier between the ice cream and the bagel. Chocolate would do just fine, but I had never heard of a chocolate-covered bagel before. Guess its time to experiment!

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure

First I made the coffee ice cream. I started with milk, sugar and a bit of cream. Oh and a lot of coffee beans. I heated them up and then let them steep for a long time. The milk seeped into the coffee beans and drew out the delicious rich flavor of good ole 8 o’clock. After an hour, I formed a custard, with the beans still in it. That seemed kind of strange to me, but I guess it gave the coffee beans every single opportunity to extract its flavor. Then I squished the coffee beans out of the cream and let it cool.

Next, I made the cream cheese ice cream. Naturally, I forgot lemons at the grocery store, so I wasn’t able to add that to the base. It would have given an extra little tang to the flavor. Either way, it was an easy peasy blender flavor. I just added milk, cream cheese, sugar and salt and gave it a good whir. Added the cream and plopped it off to chill. In hindsight I should have churned this one right away.

Next up was the bagel chunks. I used a simple double broiler method and then dunked each chunk individually. They set on the windowsill of my apartment before I put them in the freezer.

Then it was time to churn. First I did the cream cheese flavor. Thank goodness I had the foresight to put both bowls in the freezer to prevent the incident I had last week. The cream cheese became thick and creamy, so it was ready to pint. But I didn’t want to put the cream cheese in the bottom of the pint and stack the coffee on top. No I wanted them to be separated vertically. So I constructed my separators again and prayed as I poured in my cream cheese ice cream. And I watched it soak through the separator and spread across the bottom of the pint. One of these times I will perfect my separator method. So I froze them angled on their side. That is until one of the pints rolled out of the freezer and spilled. Typical clumsiness that I have become known for.

I regathered my patience for the coffee flavor. Thankfully it went smoothly and pinted nicely. The bagel chunks were folded in and the whole thing was frozen.


The taste of this is very predictable. I bet you have had cream cheese in some point in your life as well as coffee. This ice cream mimics just that. These are very true-to-name flavors. The cream cheese is tart and creamy. Really smooth. The coffee flavor is milky and tastes a lot like a mild cup of coffee. This is not a bracing, eye-opening coffee flavor. The bagel chunks are what is really different in this flavor. The chocolate coating is a semi-sweet chocolate and keeps its crunch in the pint. The inside tastes…well it tastes like a frozen bagel. It is still able to be bitten, but it is not the softness of a freshly baked bagel. The intent is there though! I think any blind taste-tester would be able to tell it is a bagel chunk in the pint of ice cream. Overall, this is a funky and different take on a well-known flavor (coffee).


There is not much fun happening at my desk at the moment. Oh well maybe I do have a little something, or someone, I can share…

I got a new hamster!! Her name is Maillard, May for short. For those of you who aren’t total food science nerds like me, the Maillard reaction is a series of reactions that browns food and gives it a cooked flavor profile. I studied them a ton over the summer for fun. Baby May as I call her is a Robo Dwarf hamster. She is the smallest little hamster I have ever seen and really fast. May enjoys running on her wheel for ~12 hours a night, digging tunnels through her bedding so you think she has escaped her cage, and hiding in tubes so you can’t reach her. She doesn’t bite and she looks like a corgi hamster. It’s awesome to have a new buddy with me at all times and I think we will get along wonderfully. I’m sure you will be hearing more about her in coming weeks. And shoutout to my boss, Denise, for coming up with her stellar name!

Other than a calculus review exam coming up, and lab reports, life is boring. That’s why I will be back next week to spice things up in the ice cream world. Until then, scoop ya later!


  1. May is adorable! And I applaud the foresight of having both bowls frozen. Have you thought about swirling the two ice creams before packaging? You’ll sacrifice some of the small ice crystals in order to keep it soft (thicker than cake batter, but softer than DQ soft serve). And you can swirl in the chunks at that time too.

    And thanks for the shout out! This is one I really wish I could taste. I had to make do with a carrot cake cupcake for breakfast myself. 🙂 Idea…cinnamon/spice ice cream, cream cheese frosting swirl, carrot cake inclusions. Or vanilla ice cream with a double swirl, brown sugar cinnamon (like the gooey inside a cinnamon roll) and cream cheese frosting.

    Miss you!

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