The Bob Ice Cream

April 1, 2017

Welcome back friends and followers! Week 11 of 15 of classes has just wound down. It was a rough one. My job this summer is looking more and more attractive. I’m practically drooling for that lab coat and steel-toed boots. This week is an ice cream in honor of none other than my dad. His name is Bob and we will learn lots about him in this post. Before I go any further, I’ll tell you this flavor is a vanilla ice cream with chocolate-covered potato chips and coffee bean pieces.


Let’s start off at the very beginning. My dad was born February 19, BC 100. Oddly enough, my mom and dad’s birthdays are each other’s half birthdays. His parents are Phyllis and Joseph, and he had two sisters. The older, Debbie and the younger, Cindy, are legitimately some of the coolest people I know. These women have had a real part in shaping me into the funky girl I am today.

He grew up in the same town I have lived in my entire life. He wore a baby blue suit to his prom and looked exactly like Napoleon Dynamite. Then some unknown amount of time passes and he starts working as a mechanic at his family’s business. His grandfather had started a car repair business, his father had taken over, and now it was looking like he would run it too. And he did!

He went to a party once and his friend set him up with this young nurse. In what I am pretty sure was a matter of months, they were married in a church on LBI, which is the dream. Look at these little babies:


Four kids later, he is still working hard as ever. Fixing cars in the extreme heat and cold. Never taking time off and always smiling at the end of a day at work.

And he loves food. His favorite foods are hot dogs, noodles, Italian dressing and chips. Anything crunchy, he loves. He doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, but he would always take me to get Bruster’s ice cream when I begged.


This ice cream is a better version of my first ever ice cream made. A plain vanilla bean ice cream, with a fun twist. Chocolate-covered potato chips may sound repulsive, and I found myself thinking it too at first. But I knew I would have to coat the chips in the ice cream, or they would get soggy. And coffee beans? They were a no brainer.

My dad is hardly ever seen without his trusty metal mug in his hand. It came with his one pickup truck and he hasn’t parted with it since. It leaks, its dented and it is just sad-looking. But he always has it and will drink the entire mug, even if it has been sitting around all day.

Experimental apparatus and Procedure

I parted with one of my beloved vanilla beans for this ice cream. They were a Christmas gift and I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use one. I heated the milk and dropped in a bean, split lengthwise and stripped it of its seeds. It smelled heavenly already. Then it steeped for a half an hour.

I took this down time to cover my chips. I chose a plain wavy potato chip to maximize the surface area for  dark chocolate. Dark chocolate because it was already in my cabinet. The less money on groceries the better! It was a messy process, but I tried one and it was all worth it. Don’t knock it until you try it!

Then a usual tempering with eggs. It brought me back to when I made vanilla the first time and made my mom whisk the eggs while I poured. Now it’s a one woman show!

Custardization took a while for this flavor.

After it chilled (I did more lab calculations in the chill time) I churned. I threw in those heavenly potato chips and coffee bean pieces. There are a ton of options for my coffee beans, but in the end I went with my family’s classic choice. 8 o’clock coffee can be found in the top cabinet of my kitchen for the last 20+ years and perking at 6 am every morning.

That’s another thing, my mom and dad have used an electric percolator forever. Any advances in coffee technology are rejected because it just wouldn’t taste as good.


People I have told about this flavor have not been enthused. Potato chips? In ice cream? No, that’s just not natural. Those sad souls, they don’t know what they are missing. This flavor on the whole is spectacular, but so are the individual parts. The vanilla is rich and very strong in the flavor. I added the vanilla bean and extract for the most vanilla-ness. The coffee beans give a random and unexpected bite. Not every spoonful has a coffee bean, but when it does, you can’t miss it. The chips though, make this flavor. They take it from good to great. The Bob ice cream is a flavorful treat and a completely accurate representation of my dad.


This ice cream is delicious and refreshing. It is a scoopable flavor that you could have on a cone. If I could, I would make a pretzel cone and give it to my dad.

If you haven’t figured this out yet, my dad is a great guy. Easily the most hardworking man I know, and since coming to college that belief has only gotten stronger. Other dads might be bankers and work in offices and such, but my dad works with his hands. He has taught me many important life skills, like how to drive or start a fire.

I would like to take this opportunity and this flavor to let everyone know about my dad. And to put chips in ice cream too.

Thanks for reading y’all! Come back next week for another yummy flavor. Scoop ya later!

P.S. My dad loves Pink Floyd and all classic rock. Hence, today’s quote.

  1. What a great idea Alanna. You did capture your dad with this flavor! You are lucky to have such a great dad! Keep on making great ice cream!! love to follow your blog.

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