Atlanta without the “t” Peach

July 16, 2017

Happy National Ice Cream Day!! What a wonderous day where we can celebrate the glory of the world’s best dairy emulsion. Today you must find yourself with at least 1 cone in your hand. More if you are extra into celebrating. Today’s flavor is full of mishap  and unexpected results, but at least the name is crafty right? It’s how my name is pronounced. And I have always wanted to visit Georgia. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty.


So somehow  it is the middle of July and I have been in Wisconsin almost 2 months. Not sure when this happened but I did not approve it! This is simply a fast summer, and my dad’s flight is already booked to move me home. And then all of a sudden, my senior year of college will be starting. It could leave me speechless. I have a great feeling though about this school year. It will be fabulous to graduate and look straight into the sun of my future.


The idea of this flavor was going to be a peach sangria ice cream. I wanted to do a clean and light peach ice cream with a sangria swirl. All made with the freshest and juiciest peaches. This backfired relatively quickly, because Wisconsin, although known for many things, is not known for its peaches. Even still, I found some peaches at the local farmer’s market and let them ripen for a week. Then it was time to get this show on the road.

After much deliberation I decided that a custard base would be the best to highlight the peach flavors. This would be an excellent refreshing flavor that would still have a great richness of ice cream. Then I would make a peach sangria and boil it down to make a delectable syrup to swirl into the freshly churned custard. Nothing could go wrong here, correct? You must know by now that when I say that, something is about to go wrong.

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure

First I made the peach sangria. It’s amazing that a sangria recipe varies so much from person to person. I chose a simple one, with a minimal amount of ingredients. First I sliced up a peach, added some white wine, simple syrup, peach schnapps and ginger ale. Then it sat overnight to become yummy and delicious. In the morning I poured it into a saucepan to boil away. This took about 3 hours to thicken into a syrup.

Next I made the base, which was a normal custard base. The only difference was that I had made this recipe completely on a weight basis, using a spreadsheet I concocted. This needs some serious work. Firstly, the amount of eggs was not correct and the sugar was a huge overload. See for yourself.

So this was quickly tossed and tried again. Meanwhile the amount of milk and cream was not correct either, so these had to be repeated. The only thing I managed to get correct on the first try was the peach puree. There was a little chance I could mess that up. After reverting back to the normal volumetric measures, I finally got the base all mixed together.

While it chilled, I tasted the sangria syrup. And it crushed my hopes for the ice cream. It had this off-putting, bitter and awful taste to it. Nothing about it was desirable, and with a sad heart I dumped it down the drain. How was I supposed to make a peach sangria ice cream without the sangria? I deliberated how to continue, but finally I macerated some peaches in peach schnapps and called it a day.

I churned it the next day and folded in the peach chunks. It looked really beautiful at least!


The flavor of this ice cream is most definitely peach. The idea though, needs some serious work. It scoops in short, choppy scoops. I have decided this flavor will be repeated and some major adjustments will be made. Firstly, it will not be remade as a custard base. Although some make like a custard-based peach, I do not. I thought it took too much away from the clean and refreshing peach flavor. The iconic summer fruit that I look forward to all year. Next to watermelon of course.

The next change is obviously the lack of sangria. I have discussed the failure of the syrup with my boss, and it was determined it was probably the wine. In this case, the cheapest wine was not quite the best move. And the ginger ale probably didn’t help. Also the peach skin could have contributed to the off flavor. Next time, I will roast the peaches to allow them to give off some excess moisture. Then I will brush and soak them in the sangria mixture. The alcohol will absorb in nicely and allow the peaches to be delicious and not turn into ice cubes in the freezer.

This was not a bad ice cream, but there is major room for improvement. I can promise you that there will be an A”t”lanta  peach flavor II hitting the blog very soon. Oh and before I forget, the overrun on this was 97%!


Life is speedy. I know that for sure. Something that is never lost on me is taking time to stop and smell the flowers. I did just that this past weekend at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens. It was a great taste of home that I had been missing. The botanical gardens are a lovely little peaceful spot where I found my true photographic love. Although I take pictures of ice cream about 99% of the time now, I started off only shooting flowers. My poppop would love it when I would send him my “prizewinners” of the bunch and would print them out on his huge architectural printer. I could feel is presence as I wandered around and snapped hundreds of flowers. It was an amazing experience. I’ll share some of my favorite shots below.

This ice cream proved to me that it always doesn’t turn out as I thought it would. In fact, sometimes they go the opposite way. I won’t let it knock me down though. Ice cream is my passion and it is worth all the failed attempts. It is all about the learning, which I have found I love to do. Maybe I don’t love it in the classroom setting, but I sure do love learning on the job and in random moments. Like when my boss handed me an article on the Maillard reaction, I set out to draw out the entire mechanism. It took me 3 days, and I laminated it when I was finished. That’s my fun fact. I am a tried and true chemistry nerd.

Next week, I will be back with another trip to a farm and more adventurous tales. Stop back in now okay? Thanks for your support and scoop ya later!

  1. This ice cream sounds great and I would love to try it someday. It is Ok to make mistakes as you learn to make the very best tasting ice cream!
    PS love that you quoted your Mom :>)

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