Atlanta without the “t” Peach II

July 30, 2017

Hello ice creamers! Let’s close out National Ice Cream Month with another zinger of a flavor. As my summer in Wisconsin comes to a close, I am reminiscing on how much I have learned and grown this summer. I think I am the only one of my family to spend an entire summer in a different place. So I think that automatically puts me at number 1 child status, sorry Chris.

Ready for take 2 of my peach ice cream? This time I tried to work out all the kinks that happened last time.


It is hard to believe that I have 5 days of work left. And a final presentation, eek! I am nervous for it, as usual. I hope I can just go on autopilot and give my report.

Then it is a long journey home. I don’t even want to think about packing my car yet. It seems like things have multiplied since I have been here, and my car has shrunk. It should be just as tight as it was on our way.

I will have the chance to spend a bit of time at home before I head back to school. I might even get to see the beach! Wonder if it changed since May?

Let’s not delay any further and get into this remake!


This flavor is the repeat of the first version I made. Let’s review the problems I had last time. First, the sangria syrup was inedible and was tossed upon tasting. Then the peaches became ice chunks even though they were soaked in peach schnapps. And finally, it was a custard base that overwhelmed and took over the peach flavor I was searching for.

After much discussion with my boss, whose name is Denise fyi, she recommended that I roast the peaches in peach sangria. The roasting process would release the natural moisture of the peach and allow it to absorb the peach sangria I had it soaking in.

I was going to replace the base of the ice cream with a fresh and light Jeni’s cream cheese and cornstarch base. This would let the peaches shine through and not have to compete with anything.

I was really flying by the seat of my pants again. I had no real plans, except for another shot at the spreadsheet I had made.

Experimental Apparatus and Procedure

First things first, I had to make the sangria. I chose a less sweet wine this time and opted for sparkling water rather than soda. Then I pitted the peaches and put them flesh side up in a dish. I poured sangria into the centers and in the base of the dish. They baked for a while until they got a little golden, then I removed them and let them soak up more sangria, flesh side down. The skin became a little wrinkly and unsightly, but the smell outweighed the sight.

Next it was time for the spreadsheet version Jeni ice cream. And surprisingly, I think I may have gotten it right! None of the proportions of milk, cream, cream cheese or sugar seemed out of control. I was actually dancing when I was adding ingredients. It was like real science! I was using my scale, just like in the lab at work.

I added the peach puree to the base, which kind of looked like a giant egg. Then I cooled it in 2 smaller baggies instead of 1 large one. I was worried for a while though because I was convinced the bags would leak and fill with water. It cooled overnight and all day the next day. Finally, I churned it and added the roasted peach chunks. I had them sitting in a baggie of sangria overnight to maximize the soak they could absorb. It wasn’t a bright peach color, but a faint one. But one taste and I knew I had already succeeded.


The texture right off the bat of this ice cream was on point. It was smooth and creamy with a peachy richness that shone through like sun in a window. The peach chunks were much softer and palatable than before. They had a lovely roasted flavor with a hint of sangria. I don’t think a true peach sangria flavor is in the cards for me soon, but this peach with a hint of sangria will do just the trick.

Overrun of this flavor was 98.8%!

This is a scoopable flavor. Scoop it out into a dish or a cone and enjoy it on the deck. It is perfect for a little getaway, even if it’s a staycation. A little peach escape would suit me just fine.

Maybe in the future I will splurge and make a white peach ice cream, with a different flavor profile. In my shop there could be many peach ice creams for those looking for that midsummer ice cream delight.

Is it just me, or does everyone prefer a fruity, light ice cream in the summer and a heavier chocolate in the winter? That would involve everyone being a year-round ice cream eater like myself. I sure hope none of my fans are summer-only ice cream lovers. That will just have to change. To me, I really enjoy a lighter ice cream in the summer, like a berry or lime or peach, and a chocolate overload in the winter. Something that will give me the cozy feeling while I hold the pint in my blanketed hands. Care to disagree? Leave me a persuading argument in the comments.


Today I am writing with a heavy heart and am going to skip my fun fact this week. Instead I will share a very un-fun fact. My baby, my dear Beaker Alfonso Bushek, has passed into the big hamster wheel in the sky. I think it was an infection that started in his front paw and spread. His last few days were rough, and there were many tears shed for him. Even my mom became a hamster lover for a bit. Allow me to share a little bit about him.

I was never planning on buying a hamster. In fact, rodents tended to creep me out. But one day, my mom suggested I get one and he become my roommate back at school. I entered the pet store thinking about getting a gerbil, until I saw them. They were all white, with long rat-like tails. That was too creepy for me. I spotted this little gray meatball of a hamster curled up in a corner and asked to hold him. He was all alone in his cage, and he bit the worker. That was the kind of spunk I looked for. So I bought him (he  was 50% off), and carried him in my lap the whole way home. I debated a name, until Beaker came to me. A perfect name for a science nerd like myself.

He was quite timid and wouldn’t allow me to touch him at all. Even still, he was an awesome little dude to take back to school with me. He was a great listener! I began to wear winter gloves when handling him, so he couldn’t bite. When I got him a 3-story summer cage though, he seemed to realize I was his momma. We would cuddle and play for a while in my room. I became used to the sound of him running on his wheel as I fell asleep. And he trained himself to gnaw on his cage when he saw I was up in the morning.

Adventurous didn’t even begin to describe him. He would jump off anything and give me a heart attack. I would check all his little paws and give him a craisin (his favorite treat). My little guy would ride shotgun on our way home from school and he loved music, except for John Denver. He hated it with a passion. I truly enjoyed his presence in my life. We were best buddies. He ate almost everything I would let him try, including noodles and French Fries. When I left for the summer I gave him a big hug and told him how much I loved him.

He spent the summer being absolutely spoiled and loved by my dad. He went down the shore almost every weekend and got a sunflower seed each time he came out of his cage. All of a sudden, he wasn’t running around or up to his normal antics. Then even faster, he wasn’t moving at all. One morning, my mom put her phone in his cage so I could talk to him. I called his name so he would know it was me talking. I told him he was the best friend I ever had and he made me feel happy. And that even though I couldn’t make it home, it was okay for him to go.

About an hour later, Beaker passed into hamster heaven. It was a hard day for everyone. He was buried in his favorite ball with some of his favorite snacks. Beaker, if you somehow have the ability to read now, know how much I truly loved you and how much you will be missed.

Well y’all, sorry to end on a sad note. Go eat some ice cream to soothe your sorrows; I know I am. Scoop ya later!

  1. Well I am reading this at work and am crying- thanks, Al. I remember when he let me pet him and hold him before he let you do it. Then you were going to sit in the empty tub with Beaker so he was forced to let you hold him. Even though he was only with us for a short time in our lives, he made a huge impact. He really made you happy and kept you sane at school. Him and Hobi are hanging out together, eating all the craisins they want.

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